It all started with a pink wig...

“There is a video that is famous in my family.  I was 2 and my older sister’s real life dress-up doll. On this particular afternoon, I was set to play the role of a lifetime – 'the pink haired lady', which was really just me in a bubblegum pink sparkly mullet wig.

My dad, always with his trusty camera in hand, asked me what this whole thing was called. I ran as close to the camera as I could and enthusiastically said in broken toddler speak ‘IT’S A PRODUCTION!’

Decades later, it only seemed fitting to dedicate my company to that little 2 year old rocking pink hair. Although my 'productions' have matured over time, to me it still all boils down to the question: “What do you call this?

For me, I call it storytelling.”

- Melissa Cabral, Executive Producer & Founder