Script & CopyWriting

Knowing that you need to communicate something and knowing what to say are not mutually exclusive. Whether it is a video script or website copy, I listen to your goals and write something that will fit flawlessly into your current brand strategy. 

Yup. I put words in your mouth. 


  • Video Concepts & Scripts 
  • Animations 
  • Web Copy
  • Brochures & Workbooks
  • Books

Do I really need a writer for my video?

With video projects in particular, the writing process is the most important step. When you read a script, you should be able to see the video play in your head, down to the color and style of font that is used. You will not only be able to 'hear' what is being said, but also 'see' what the audience will see. Detail is key since it is cheaper to change words on a page than to pay for another day of filming.